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I know this videos really grainy cuz I zoomed in but…. there’s baby bunnies beep boppin around my deck and I am so thrilled!!! They live in my dinky bushes and hoooomygod lets just say dinner was ready 10 minutes ago and I’ve just been sitting here naming these bunnies tryna figure out which college they gon go to #proudmom #flower #hero & #blue @gaylor720

The darling crowd gettin a little hypie before the showin love to the camera thru hand gestures #dieantwoord #dieantwoord2014 #dieantwoordchicago

MUTE YOUR SHIT IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YA! Taylor and I fulfilled one of our lives dreams and then some when we saw Die Antwoord front row and touched our dearly beloved Ninja in da fle$h on that surf pass!
🔥🔥🔥 🔫 flame on mothafuckas!!! #dieantwoord #ninja #touchme #takeme #imgame #playme @gaylor720